“The Speech I Was Stopped From Giving” – Dresden Memorial Meeting Closed by Occupation Regime’s Police

On the week-end just past, German Nationalists held a public demonstration in the centre of Dresden to mark and to mourn the  victims of the Allied (British) bombing of that defenseless city. Richard Edmonds was present to speak at the rally, but sadly the Police closed the rally down before he had a chance to speak. One of his friends, Lady Michele Renouf, was arrested at the rally.

The commemoration of the bombing of Dresden February 1945:
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Cowardly #TraitorMerkel Flees as Patriots have their First Say in German Parliament in over 70 Years!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel walked out of a parliamentary session after a leader from the patriotic Alternative for Germany (AfD) party criticized her support of a proposed EU refugee distribution system.
While treasonous globalist Merkel and AfD have never been friends, one particular comment by the party’s co-founder, Alexander Gauland, prompted her to flee the Bundestag on Thursday. That remark slammed the chancellor’s support for an EU quota system for accepting refugees.
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Musician: Merkel is a criminal and needs to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital

In an interview with magazine “Alles Roger?”, Austrian pop singer Christian Anders attacked Angela Merkel and said she “needs to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital”.

Anders said countries “should take some asylum seekers” but “what Merkel has done should be forbidden”. “If you invite 20 people to your apartment and 2,000 are at the door it will not end well. Refugees who were rejected as non-refugees in Scandinavia come to Germany”, he said.
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Brainwashed German taxpayers finance Sharia loving refugee who has two wives and six children

A documentary about a migrant Syrian family on Germany’s Spiegel TV has caused controversy in the country.

The 32-year-old Ahmad A. lives with his two wives and six children in the district of Pinneberg. His second wife was only thirteen years old when Ahmad married her in Syria.
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Austrian chancellor: Without strong borders our entire world is in danger

Austria’s chancellor Sebastian Kurz, said at a security conference in Munich that the inflow of migrants “may undermine peace and prosperity in Europe”.

“To ensure peace in the EU we got rid of the borders in the EU a long time ago, but without proper external border protection these borders are in danger. If we don’t do that, our entire world will be in danger”, Kurz said.
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Mad Merkel has lost control as Germans start large protests against migrants and open borders

Two large protests against migration have woken up the Germans: On 20 January, at least 2,500 participants were protesting in Cottbus and last Sunday, on 28 January, there was another big protest in Kandel.

The protests started in Cottbus after Syrians attacked several Germans within a matter of days. For example a German man and a German boy were attacked with knives by Syrians. After other incidents, tensions in the town became so high that it stopped the acceptance of new refugees.
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The real Women’s March: German women will protest against migrant violence on Sunday

After an explosion of migrant violence, a lot of Germans are done with it and have started protesting. Last weekend a group of 2,500 people protested against migrant violence in Cottbus and this Sunday women want to protest in Kandel. The city is a symbolic place, because a 15-year-old girl was brutally murdered there, by […]
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New German swimming pool will have a separated area for Muslim women

The new swimming pool in the German city of Bonn, will be equipped with a curtain to create a separate area for Muslim women. Earlier the city already introduced gender-segregated swimming hours, during which only women were allowed. Especially Muslim women were given the opportunity to swim and bath unobserved by men. But now the […]
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YouTube removes video of woman who says she lives in fear in Germany

A video of a woman who says that she “cannot deal with this fear anymore” has been removed by YouTube. The woman, called “Mona Maja” recorded the video to say how migration has changed her country and how the media is pretending that everything is normal. She says, “There are women being stabbed. Our men […]
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Germany to CAP asylum numbers at 200,000 annually in compromise decision

Nuts! Just nuts! 200,000 is an astronomical number and add to that the promise of 1,000 a month family reunification (chain migration) by late summer.  And, that is considered a compromise! More Invasion of Europe news…. From Channel New Asia: BERLIN: Germany will limit the number of asylum seeker arrivals to around 200,000 annually under […]
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Syrians walk free after stabbing German at Christmas market

According to the report, one person was left lying on the ground with a stab wound, while the group of perpetrators had fled. The police’s first investigation revealed that a 22-year-old from Homburg – the victim – together several male as well as female friends had taken the train from Homburg to Saarbrücken. On the […]
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AfD politician: Germany needs a higher birthrate instead of replacing our own people by migrants

Gottfried Curio, a member of Germany’s AfD anti-immigration party, said his country is not solving its demographic problem by admitting more migrants into the country. According to him the “flood with the lowest qualified and their families” will not lead to stabilisation of Germany’s job market, but instead leads to more unemployment. He adds: “What […]
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Bavaria changes legal designation of asylum centres to ‘dangerous’

Bavaria’s Integration Act regarding asylum housing and transit centres was changed because police continued to be called out every day to deal with serious crimes. From now on, migrant centres will be classified in the same way as gambling dens and brothels. The legal framework has been tightened after a surge in violent migrant crime, […]
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Has Merkel become Toxic? No one wants “One Size Fits All” #VanillaPolitics. Undemocratic EU continues to crash!

By excluding a large portion of its own voters, European occupation governments are falling to pieces and shattering voters in all directions in search of a politically correct solution that will allow them the moral high ground and also that will save their nations. However by excluding the conservative right and stereotyping them as far […]
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Syrian Man ‘Rapes A PONY’ In Front Of Horrified Visitors At A Kid’s Petting Zoo In Germany

The 23-year-old was reportedly spotted by a babysitter who was visiting the zoo with a child. A man has been arrested for allegedly raping a pony at a children’s zoo in Germany. The 23-year-old Syrian man was reportedly spotted at the Kinderbauernhof (children’s farm) area of Goelitzer Park, in Berlin, by a babysitter who was […]
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