FBI, so obsessed with Russian Collusion and Trump, ignored Vital Clues on Mass Shooting at Florida School and others!

The FBI, in its obsession to obey the Democratic Party’s liberal agenda and its year long pursuit of yet to be proven “Russian collusion” and Trump, have been apportioned some blame in the horrific school shootings of late. Former Top Cop, New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik has accused the FBI of “wasting resources chasing Russian collusion,” instead of pursuing tips about potential criminals, such as the Florida school shooter.
Kerik, who served as police commissioner during the 9/11 attacks, referred to an article on Thursday that said a YouTube user named ‘Nikolas Cruz’ had announced last September: “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.”
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#GapNews: Mainstream Lies About Twice Deported Illegal Immigrant, Drunk, Illegal Driver with False ID Who Killed Colts Linebacker in Hit and Run!

US Mainstrean displayed an evil example of #GapNews when they ignored the Super Bowl Sunday slaughter of NFL linebacker by a drunk-driving illegal immigrant from Guatemala, who hit and killed two men Sunday night, one of whom was identified as Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson.
Manuel Orrego-Savala, 37, was driving around 4 a.m. when he veered onto the emergency shoulder of Highway I-70 just outside Indianapolis, Indiana, and struck Jackson and his Uber driver Jeffrey Monroe, who were both standing outside of Monroe’s vehicle.
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#HOMEINVASION: Elderly Port Elizabeth Couple (+70’s) Found Murdered In Their Home

An elderly couple believed to be in their seventies was hacked to death with an axe in their Summerstrand home in Port Elizabeth sometime between Sunday evening and Monday morning. Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Alwin Labans said the bodies of Andre and Lydia Saaiman were discovered in the Scott Street property by a handyman.   […]
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#FARMATTACK: Stabbed 20 Times. Plastic Bag Pulled Over His Head, Hand And Feet Bounded – Survives

URGENT — #FARMATTACK — WANTED NOTICE FOR THE FOUR THUGS THAT ATTACKED WILHELM VAN DER MERWE IN KOUE BOKKEVELD, WESTERN CAPE: Here are the Attackers who nearly killed Mr Van Der Merwe in Koue Bokkeveld, Western Cape. Prince Alfred Hamlet: The following four thugs are wanted in connection with a Farm Attack. Photos of four the […]
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