#EqualityChallenged White Folks Simply Do Not Gang Up, Kill A Single Female & Leave Her For Dead as They Drive Away in Her Car! Prove Us Wrong – VIDEO

British Troops Shoot Traitor May as She Connives With African Despots in South Africa

International Animal Rights Conservationist Stuck in Irish Asylum System Awaiting Protection Order

Irish Occupation Regime Paid Journalists to Promote €116 BILLION Plan to Import 1 MILLION Migrants into Ireland!

‘We Do Not Give Colour To Crime, We Do Not Give Colour To Victims’

#FARMATTACK: Stabbed 20 Times. Plastic Bag Pulled Over His Head, Hand And Feet Bounded – Survives

A Bottle Of Petrol And The Death Of Hope in ANC’s anti-white abomiNation – Destitute White Woman Sets Herself on Fire!

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Boer Political Prisoners go to Constitutional Court claiming illegal incarceration and denial of right to appeal

Since 1994 there has been over 400 000 people murdered in South Africa, our so called Rainbow Nation !!!

Imminent, Unstoppable South African Genocide – Why Dismantling Apartheid caused the Genocide of Black and White South Africans

Farm attack on West Rand – 71 year old man shot several times

Another Farmer attacked on farm – Wepener district

The State Supplies Arms To Criminals: Robbers Raid 9 SAI Battalion Base, Steal R4 Rifles

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