#IslamicUK arrests 22 year old Canadian for Terrorism but “does not suspect her of Terrorism”!

Tommy sat down with a visibly shocked Lauren Southern in Calais, a 22 year old conservative journalist and free speech advocate who was detained by UK for 6 hours trying to enter the UK. Her crime? Conducting a social experiment in Luton where she used words to criticise Allah.

In a recorded conversation with her father back in Canada, the police admit they do not actually suspect her of being a terrorist!
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World Supremacist E.U. and Trudeau force CETA through and ignore democracy. #NOmeansNO

The European Union and Canada signed a long-delayed (i.e. unwanted), “free” trade deal, which has triggered massive protests over concerns that it will harm European local businesses and agriculture and create a “dictatorship of corporations.” The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement’s (CETA) stated goal is to create new jobs and promote economic growth. During the signing, […]
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Canada’s Occupation Government gives away citizenship to more migrants than any other country.

More than the US? Well, that is what The Star (Toronto) is reporting. But, if true, knock yourself out Canada! You will go down faster than Germany or even Sweden! From The Star: More refugees became citizens of Canada than any other country last year, with 25,900 granted citizenship, but that represents the vast majority […]
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