Has UK Home Office been Captured by far left Hope Not Hate and their Fascist Hatred of Free Speech?

Is far left hate group, Hope Not Hate (HNH), responsible for the recent destruction of UK’s historically famous freedom of speech? You do not have to be that observant to notice that Hope Not Hate’s name appears everytime a Christian or Patriot or conservative person is barred from entering the UK or molested by Police or Home office or prevented from speaking!
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Ireland Becoming a 3rd World EU Sh*thole as Migrant Copper Thieves on Welfare go Unpunished

Irish Councillor Padraic Brady from Longford County wants migrant copper thieves deported. Speaking on Shannonside radio after one of his elderly constituents had his home destroyed when it was burgled and the copper was ripped out, he said the punishment given to criminals in Ireland is not acting as a deterrent. Councillor Brady wants greater sentencing.

If EU law prevents criminals from being punished, shouldn’t EU pay for the damages?
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Foreign Funds Manipulated Ireland into Voting for Gay Marriage and Are Now Paying to Repeal the 8th!

Why would Ireland want to kill their own babies in abortion, yet import a million 3rd worlders? Why is the government of Ireland not taking a stand against foreign meddling in Irish politics?

Clearly the Irish government is nothing less than an EU Occupation Regime running a province of the EU Or is it OK for Soros to Meddle but not Russia? Hypocrite much?

Don V

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Totalitarian EU: Communist Socialist Netherlands to Nationalise The Organs of ALL Dutch Citizens by Default!

All Dutch citizens are to become organ donors unless they choose not to under a new law when they start receiving letters asking them whether they want to be put on an organ donation list. Those who fail to reply twice will automatically be added, as the Netherlands passes a new donor law.

On Tuesday, the Dutch Senate voted on a law that will make all citizens over the age of 18 potential organ donors unless they explicitly state their dissent. The new legislation narrowly passed in the parliament’s upper house with a 38-36 vote. The bill was already given the green light with a one-vote majority more than a year ago in the House of Representatives.
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Swiss deportation may turn into a death sentence for Christian converts

–Premier Christian Radio– It’s feared that an Afghan Christian convert, who sought asylum in Switzerland, may be killed if the Swiss government deports him. Christian legal group ADF International has filed an expert brief with the European Court of Human Rights in support of the man known as A.A. (anonymised for security reasons). ADF said […]
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Putin brings hope of long term peace to Syria – can the refugees go back home now to rebuild their country?

Putin, Erdogan & Rouhani have agreed on holding a Syrian national dialogue congress in Sochi where an all-Syrian congress, which will see wide representation of the country’s opposition. Vladimir Putin with the Turkish and Iranian presidents, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hassan Rouhani, backed the idea. #HelpThemBackHome Success on the battlefield has paved the way to […]
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The Rohingya Massacres: Burma’s Shame, China’s Opportunity

#AntiCommunism : This week, the Secretary-General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, warned that the Rohingya Muslim ethnic minority in Myanmar (Burma) is at risk of suffering a “humanitarian catastrophe.” The Burmese government treats the Rohingya as stateless people, and after a recent attack on government security forces, the Burmese military has been attacking and expelling […]
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Shop Steward of the Free World: The Story of Lane Kirkland

#AntiCommunism : Lane Kirkland: Champion of American Labor. Arch Puddington. John Wiley & Sons Inc. $23. “Most of those present here today are workers. Creative workers. And I myself, having spent many years of my life as a stone cutter, as a foundryman, as a manual worker, in the name of all who have shared […]
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North Korea Under Communism 1948-2014

By Suzanne Scholte Introduction Viewing a satellite photo of the Korean peninsula at night, one can see what communism has meant for the people of North Korea.  There is a wide dark black band between the border of China and Russia and the border of South Korea suggesting perhaps a body of water or an […]
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