Totalitarian EU: Communist Socialist Netherlands to Nationalise The Organs of ALL Dutch Citizens by Default!

All Dutch citizens are to become organ donors unless they choose not to under a new law when they start receiving letters asking them whether they want to be put on an organ donation list. Those who fail to reply twice will automatically be added, as the Netherlands passes a new donor law.

On Tuesday, the Dutch Senate voted on a law that will make all citizens over the age of 18 potential organ donors unless they explicitly state their dissent. The new legislation narrowly passed in the parliament’s upper house with a 38-36 vote. The bill was already given the green light with a one-vote majority more than a year ago in the House of Representatives.
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Number of suspected war criminals applying for asylum in Sweden quadruples

–Westmonster– The number of people trying to enter Sweden who are suspected of war crimes in places like Syria and Iraq, has more than quadrupled since 2014, according to the Swedish war crimes commission. Cases forwarded to the police by the migration agency have surged from 12 in 2014 to 52 in 2017. Patricia Rakic […]
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Danish school cancels traditional Christmas service ‘because of Muslim students’

Ten parents have complained about a primary school in Eastern Denmark that cancelled its traditional Christmas service. The “Gribskolen” school made its decision because of the presence of students with immigrant backgrounds. The head of the school in Graested, Marianne Vederso says about it: “We made the decision because we have children who are not […]
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