#EUisNotEUROPE – EU Hates too many “happy white people”! Excludes Hungarian City from EU Culture Contest

The EU has essentially admitted it is NOT Europe, and does not like nor represent what is inalienably European,  but rather that they (the EU and their partner in this Crime Against Humanity, the UNHCR), are  an invading, supremacist force fighting not only to replace Europeans, and their centuries old culture, with migrants from the 3rd world, but more seriously, committing genocide and social engineering of the worst kind, by attempting to racemix Europeans into a obedient population of racemixed consumers, on the orders of their donors, big business and Oligarchs. Disguising what is essentially enforced dysgenics and population control as something “progressive” and modern.
A Hungarian city’s bid to become the European Union’s next “Capital of Culture” was rejected by anti white EU officials because its video entry showed too many smiling, dancing, white Christians, the city’s Mayor revealed.
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The Speech You will NEVER see on Irish TV or any TV! Nigel Farage fires up Irishmen tired of EU Totalitarianism!

Nigel Farage recently DESTROYED the EU in an AMAZING speech that got a standing ovation. In the recent speech in Ireland, Nigel Farage exposed the con and package of lies and deceit that mainstream media, the troika government and EU have perpetrated upon the Irish people.

After illustrating the rise of freedom loving anti EU parties across Europe, he asked “What on earth is going in Ireland?” as it appeared to be an exception to this Europe wide movement.

“The Word “Europe” does NOT belong to the EU, it belongs to the European peoples” he said! He went on to ask how was it possible that Germany approved Ireland’s national budget BEFORE it went to the Dail (Irish Parliament)?
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Some 80 percent of Czechs reject migrant quotas

Over 80 percent, or four fifths of Czechs say they do not accept the EU’s quotas for housing migrants in their country. More than half, or 55 percent of those surveyed, responded with an outright no to the quotas, while 25 percent leaned strongly towards rejection. Only 11 percent supported migrant quotas. Incredibly, even if […]
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Trump was right: Only 23 per cent of Flemish feel safe in Brussels

Migrant riots, street fights and terror attacks: Brussels surely isn’t the place to be in Belgium and is starting to look like Trump’s “hellhole”. Now even the Belgians agree with that, because most of them don’t feel safe anymore in their capital. Migrant riots in Brussels – YouTube screenshot According to an “IPSOS” poll with […]
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Catalans flood Brussels to demand EU impartiality

Police in the Belgian capital estimates that around 45 000 people attended the rally where ousted Regional President Carles Puigedemont addressed a huge crowd on the European commission’s failure to act against the Spanish government. Independence supporters flooded Brussels on Thursday morning chanting in train carriages and on station platforms, as well as in the […]
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