Mad Merkel Returns to Her Genocidal Ways Now That Election is Over – Plans to Open Floodgates for Migrant Families

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Eskom CEO De Ruyter Goes to Court to Annul R 8 Billion Corrupt BBBEE Tender Approved by Current Board!

Another Summer of BLM Antifa Riots in USA? Record Gun Sales Continue in USA as even non-whites Fear Democrat’s Liberal Socialist Policies!

160 Americans Died & Over 10,000 Infected with Covid-19 Despite being Fully Vaccinated says CDC, but Claims it is Rare!

Facebook Stops Banning Posts About Covid Leak from Wuhan Lab! So What Else is Big Tech Wrong About? US Elections 2020?

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#Dirkiesdorp’s “Zimbabwe Narrative”! Gupta Style Indian Mining Group Atha Africa Assisted & Incited Blacks To Protest Violently Against Farmers!

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Farmers Defense Force Wins Court Case Against State and Public Broadcaster’s (AVROTROS) Fake News in Netherlands!