#EUisNotEUROPE – EU Hates too many “happy white people”! Excludes Hungarian City from EU Culture Contest

The EU has essentially admitted it is NOT Europe, and does not like nor represent what is inalienably European,  but rather that they (the EU and their partner in this Crime Against Humanity, the UNHCR), are  an invading, supremacist force fighting not only to replace Europeans, and their centuries old culture, with migrants from the 3rd world, but more seriously, committing genocide and social engineering of the worst kind, by attempting to racemix Europeans into a obedient population of racemixed consumers, on the orders of their donors, big business and Oligarchs. Disguising what is essentially enforced dysgenics and population control as something “progressive” and modern.
A Hungarian city’s bid to become the European Union’s next “Capital of Culture” was rejected by anti white EU officials because its video entry showed too many smiling, dancing, white Christians, the city’s Mayor revealed.
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Poland aims to crack down on fascism

A group spanning government departments has been launched to clamp down on the propagation of fascism and other totalitarian regimes, government spokesperson Joanna Kopcińska has said.

The group will also tackle hate crimes related to ethnicity, nationality, race and religion.
It will include officials from the interior, justice, foreign and culture ministries, alongside the police, border guards, the Internal Security Agency and the national prosecutor’s office.
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Hungary’s PM: Islam is advancing and Christianity is Europe’s last hope

In his state of the nation speech Sunday, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that “Christianity is Europe’s last hope”.

Orban said he will continue to oppose the EU and the UN’s worldwide migration plans as “Islam will soon knock on the doors of Central Europe”.

“According to estimates, the proportion of immigrants will grow at an accelerated pace in the European countries west of us,” Orban said.
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The Speech You will NEVER see on Irish TV or any TV! Nigel Farage fires up Irishmen tired of EU Totalitarianism!

Nigel Farage recently DESTROYED the EU in an AMAZING speech that got a standing ovation. In the recent speech in Ireland, Nigel Farage exposed the con and package of lies and deceit that mainstream media, the troika government and EU have perpetrated upon the Irish people.

After illustrating the rise of freedom loving anti EU parties across Europe, he asked “What on earth is going in Ireland?” as it appeared to be an exception to this Europe wide movement.

“The Word “Europe” does NOT belong to the EU, it belongs to the European peoples” he said! He went on to ask how was it possible that Germany approved Ireland’s national budget BEFORE it went to the Dail (Irish Parliament)?
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Hungary’s PM visits Austria and wants to cooperate on immigration and safety

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, said he would like to make agreements with Austria on migration and on protection of both countries.

Orban will meet Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Vice-Chancellor Heinz Christian Strache on Tuesday. The meeting will take place in Austria’s capital Vienna.
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The safest country for women in continental Europe is Poland – Feminist Scandinavia Fails!

Poland is the safest country for women in continental Europe according to a study on migration and global wealth.

The study, cited by the Australian edition of Business Insider, shows some interesting results. Australia ranks first and the tiny European island nation of Malta second, before Iceland. The rankings are based on the percentage of women that were victim of a serious crime in 2017.
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Geert Wilders in Hungary: “We are fighting for the survival of our culture.”

The Dutch Party for Freedom’s (PVV) chairman, Geert Wilders, was in Hungary this weekend to present the Hungarian edition of his book, Marked for Death (Halállistán). In Budapest, he gave several interviews and had a meeting with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban. 
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Fears over terror and migration lead to increase in firearms in the Czech Republic

Police say the possession of firearms has risen in the Czech Republic last year. In 2017, the number of firearms permits increased to 303,000. That is 2,700 more than in 2016 and an increase of 11,000 compared with 2015. Fears over terror attacks, immigration and personal assaults have caused the surge, Czech police say. The […]
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Anti-immigration and Islamisation candidate wins Czech presidential election

Czech President Miloš Zeman has won a second five-year term in office, following a tight run-off vote against his rival Jiri Drahos. According to the Czech Statistics Office, Zeman received 51.8% of the votes and his rival 48.2%. Zeman is a strong opponent of immigration and said earlier that refugees don’t integrate, because their culture […]
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Dutch politician calls Hungary’s Viktor Orban “a hero who really wants to stop mass immigration”

–The Hungary journal– Well-known Dutch pundit, politician and writer Thierry Baudet, discussed among other topics, his homeland’s politics, Europe’s future and migration policy with Hungarian news site 888. Thierry Baudet: “Orbán Viktor egy hős” #888hu https://t.co/62jvwQAAie pic.twitter.com/e0Iw2yXk92 — 888.hu (@888ponthu) January 24, 2018 Regarding the migration crisis, Baudet said: “Viktor Orban is a hero, someone […]
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Czech Republic and Bulgaria don’t want refugees and oppose the EU’s migrant redistribution plans

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis, had a meeting with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, on Monday in Bulgaria. Babis called the EU’s migrant redistribution plans “absolutely unacceptable”. He said he mainly discussed migrant policies with Borisov and both EU members agreed to find a compromise on it. “I am very glad that we share an […]
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Poland puts safety first and will not accept refugees or migrants

Polish Cabinet Minister Jacek Sasin, told the online TV channel Wpolityce, that the country still refuses to participate in the EU’s migrant relocation plans. According to him, the Polish government continues its stance against the EU and it will still not accept refugees. The Minister made his remarks because he ‘sees no ground to negotiate […]
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Poland and Czech Republic will not take migrants or accept EU migration policy

It is expected that the new Prime Ministers of Poland and the Czech Republic will not change their stance on migration during their first European Union (EU) summit in Brussels today. Poland’s new Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, said earlier that his country “has the right to refuse whether to accept migrants or not”. Andrej Babis, his […]
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95 per cent of Hungarian Parliament votes against more migrants and “Soros plan”

Hungary’s Parliament adopted on Tuesday a resolution proposed by ruling Fidesz rejecting the European Parliament’s November 16 decision on mandatory quotas on the relocation of asylum seekers. The resolution was adopted with 142 votes in favour and 3 against. The Socialists, the leftist Democratic Coalition and green LMP did not vote. Jobbik voted yes, three […]
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Hungary’s FM: Migration is a very serious danger that needs to be stopped

Europe faces serious problems such as migration as well as the need for economic development and further enlargement, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told a Central European Initiative (CEI) summit of heads of governments in Minsk on Tuesday. Common sense rather than emotion should be the guide to finding solutions, he said. “There are serious debates […]
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