Viva Italia! Viva ItalExit! Patriotic Parties Surge in Italy, as Fascist Left Faces Defeat – Exit Polls

The Five-Star Movement has come out clearly as the top individual party in Italy’s election on Sunday, while the anti-immigration Lega has also outperformed expectations, the first exit polls suggest.
The RAI exit poll predicted 30.5 percent for the Eurosceptic, anti-corruption Five Star Movement, and pegged Lega on a par with its coalition partner, the Silvio Berlusconi-led Forza Italia, at 14.5 percent. The ruling socialist Democratic Party was predicted to gain 22 percent of the vote.
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“Italians First!” #Primagliitaliani – Leading Italian politician has Trump-style message in election campaign

The leader of Italy’s Northern League party, Matteo Salvini, wants to put “Italians first” and echoes Trump in his election campaign. In an Italian talk show, called Dimartedì, Salvini said: “In Italy there are too many illegal immigrants who go around making trouble. I can’t take it anymore.” During the TV show, Salvini tweeted: #Primagliitaliani, […]
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