#IslamicUK arrests 22 year old Canadian for Terrorism but “does not suspect her of Terrorism”!

Tommy sat down with a visibly shocked Lauren Southern in Calais, a 22 year old conservative journalist and free speech advocate who was detained by UK for 6 hours trying to enter the UK. Her crime? Conducting a social experiment in Luton where she used words to criticise Allah.

In a recorded conversation with her father back in Canada, the police admit they do not actually suspect her of being a terrorist!

What is going here? Meanwhile Jihadi fighters are being allowed to casually return to UK unimpeded.

In an event which has stunned Lauren and many patriots alike, it has left people even wondering if Islam owns the UK and runs the police forces?



This is backed up by the video of Tommy Robinson himself being attacked by a gang and the police forces refusing to do anything about it. Is it possible that UK Gov is so scared of the spread of populism as witnessed by the recent Italian elections, that the UK themselves have become a fascist country, denying free speech to anyone not on board with the globalist One World agenda?

Patriotic groups are being banned and arrested everywhere, yet the Fascist Antifa is allowed to commit criminal acts unimpeded?

What is next? Will BRexiteers be arrested too?

Tommy will be speaking in London at Hyde Park Speakers Corner at 3pm on Sunday to support freedom of speech!

Don V

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