#IslamicUK arrests 22 year old Canadian for Terrorism but “does not suspect her of Terrorism”!

Tommy sat down with a visibly shocked Lauren Southern in Calais, a 22 year old conservative journalist and free speech advocate who was detained by UK for 6 hours trying to enter the UK. Her crime? Conducting a social experiment in Luton where she used words to criticise Allah.

In a recorded conversation with her father back in Canada, the police admit they do not actually suspect her of being a terrorist!
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Calais style Jungle Migrant Camp coming to Ireland with its Soft UK border, traitorous NGOs and Politicians

The destruction of the Calais “Jungle” camp may have contributed to increased attempts by migrants to stowaway in cargo bound for UK via Ireland, expert observers have warned. The warning comes following the discovery on Sunday of 14 illegal migrants in the back of a lorry which had been carrying fruit from Cherbourg to Rosslare […]
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