BIG Profits in Selling Countries Out to Refugees! Refugee Contractor from UK makes Half a Billion selling USA out to foreigners!

A Refugee contractor that got nearly a half a billion from US taxpayers in under five years, now wails over Trump’s budget. The treasonous contractor is the International Rescue Committee with Moneybags Miliband at its helm.

But, what is so interesting is that Moneybags isn’t quoted in their press release yesterday in which they denounce the Trump Administration’s FY19 budget as “counterproductive and misguided.”
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Europe is a Dead Man Walking – Thousands of FAILED asylum seekers still on benefits in Vienna. Altruism hides Cowardice

Eat or be eaten. Thousands of ILLEGAL migrants living in the Austrian capital, Vienna, cannot be deported despite falling short of being granted asylum – mainly due to the deliberate lack of proper ID documents and governments (who receive AID from Europe) refusing to take them back – while still receiving monthly payments, an Austrian […]
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