Video: Far Left BBC embarrasses UK PM Theresa May at Press Conference with US President Trump

US President Donald Trump recovered quickly and had to joke about the state of the special relationship after the left wing BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg insulted President Trump and asked him aggressive leading questions about a series of patriotic policies he’s outlined since taking office.

President Trump turned to British Prime Minister and quipped “This is your choice of a question?”

Trump then joked to May: ‘There goes that relationship’

Does the PM not know that Trump rates BBC the same as far left Fake News outlet CNN? One wonders why PM Theresa May chose to award a question to BBC in the first place?

Hopefully she will know next time to avoid radical far left communist channels…

How long will UK continue to allow a bastion of Marxist World Supremacy to parade as the National Broadcaster and suck the licence fees from taxpayers even though it has mostly been privatised?

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