US Independence Day and BRexit is about standing up to Occupation Governments and their blackmail, supremacy and indoctrination.

US Independence Day and BRexit is about standing up Occupation Governments and their blackmail, supremacy and indoctrination (brainwashing). Ironically BRexit was the day when the old conqueror declared independence from conquest.
Independence in the modern era is stil about conquest by deceit, lies and brute force of blackmail and brainwashing… all that is different is the lack of war and violence.
Since the Geneva Convention in 1900 conquest by force was internationally banned, as a result the world supremacists had to resort to guile, deceit, blackmail, brainwashing, blatant lying and even purchasing our history and museums and changing facts to suit their supremacist agenda.
Your Government is an Occupation Government – Britain is busy firing theirs, when will you fire your occupation government?
When did the citizens of our sovereign nations vote to have their genetic heritage, language and culture disregarded and agree to allow themselves to be assimilated and merged with other nations in large centrally controlled regions with no borders?
Our genetic FOREFATHERS built and died for our nations so their Genetic Descendants could live in safety, peace and prosperity.
ALL our nations have Occupation Governments inserted by stealth through mainstream media brainwashing and social blackmail funded by MultiNational business interests (who see your country as a mere income stream or profit) – your country is now just another company to be bought, sold, ransacked, owned and traded on the open market.
Your Country is now a company – if you leave and your great grandchildren want to return, THEY WILL HAVE NOT RIGHTS OF RETURN! It is akin to leaving a job and then not being allowed it back when you return…
This is wrong, immoral, illegal and grossly unfair.
When did our citizens agree that genetic heritage no longer qualifies one for citizenship or residence?
Take back your independence and sovereignty from the Usurers and Elites and Traitorous Career Politicians.
Will you die for your country? Or is an iPhone or loyalty to a sports team more precious?

The Fourth of July commemorates the day in history when we claimed our country and established for the first time our borders, our way of life, our national sovereignty, culture and values.
The 18th century revolutionaries organized and mobilized to declare independence from the oppressors.
They risked their lives and fortunes when they signed that document.
This day honors those men, our forefathers, who fought and died for the land of the free and the home of the brave.
For the last 240 years, America has remained a “shining city on a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.”
But we have to remain vigilant.
Now we live in a country where our “leaders” vet American citizens traveling on an airline more thoroughly than they do refugees from states with rampant terrorism.
Our way of life is at risk.
We can never forget the grave dangers illegal immigration and open borders pose to America as we know it.
In honor of Independence Day.

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