“The Speech I Was Stopped From Giving” – Dresden Memorial Meeting Closed by Occupation Regime’s Police

On the week-end just past, German Nationalists held a public demonstration in the centre of Dresden to mark and to mourn the  victims of the Allied (British) bombing of that defenseless city. Richard Edmonds was present to speak at the rally, but sadly the Police closed the rally down before he had a chance to speak. One of his friends, Lady Michele Renouf, was arrested at the rally.

The commemoration of the bombing of Dresden February 1945:

Here is the translation of the speech which Richard Edmonds was prevented from delivering in the centre of Dresden on 17th. Feb. 2018:

“Friends, my name is Richard Edmonds. I am British and I have travelled here to Dresden to say that the bombing of Dresden in February 1945 was a crime, a crime which was committed by the British government. As we know, in the final weeks of the Second World War, hundreds of British bombers mercilessly attacked this city. The blood of the victims stains and besmirches the hands of the government that ordered this dreadful attack.

It was Churchill’s government which ordered the attack on Dresden. And it was Churchill’s government which started the bombing war: the bombing war which deliberately rained terror, mutilation, fire and death onto the homes of millions of defenseless civilians, women, mothers, children and old folk. And the British government openly and shamelessly confirmed in the official history of the British Royal Air Force that it was Britain that started the dreadful and pitiless bombing war.

I quote from the official history of the Royal Air Force:

“It was we British who started the bombing war which aimed deliberately to target civilians.” End of quote.

Fact: it was British bombers which deliberately bombed the German city of Muenchen Gladbach as early as April 1940; in the early summer of 1940 British bombers repeatedly bombed the towns of the Ruhr district. The reaction of the German government against these repeated bombing attacks on German towns and cities came only months later. For example, the notorious attack by the German Luftwaffe on Coventry came as late as November 1940.

The role of Churchill’s government in initiating the bombing war and its increasing barbarism is clear. For example the leading British official and Secretary of State at the British Ministry of War, James Spaight, described in his official book, “ Bombing vindicated”, and I quote:

“We British started the bombing war which was aimed deliberately at civilians living in homes hundreds of miles behind the fighting front-lines.” And the British Secretary of State, member of Churchill’s government said that “we are proud, proud of what we did”: Quote from “Bombing vindicated”. These are the words of the British Secretary of State and member of Churchill’s war-time government. Hundreds of thousands of civilians fell victim to the British and American bombing war. It is of course a war-crime for a soldier to aim his weapon at a civilians. The British and Americans gave themselves permission a million times over to commit this particular war-crime. And Churchill’s Secretary of State was “proud” of what they had done. One sees the source the of the cold-blooded barbarism.

In war-time Britain there were principled individuals who publicly spoke out and condemned Churchill’s merciless bombing war. One of these brave individuals was the British academic, Charles Percy Snow, and I quote:

“The British plans to bomb and to destroy German working-class residential areas, were plans motived by a deep sadistic impulse to kill thousands of women and children.” And Charles Percy Snow continued, “ What will future generations think of us Britons ? Will future generations say that we were but wolves in the form of men ? Will future generations think that we British forswore our humanity ? They will have the right to say so. “ End of quote.

As a British person in the centre of Dresden here on this day of mourning, I would like to say that with all decency, the present British government should apologise to the German people for the crimes committed by Churchill’s government and in particular for the sadistic impulse of Churchill’s government to murder defenseless civilians, mothers and children.”


Commemorating the Bombing of Dresden in Toronto

The Association of German Expellees & supporters commemorated and mourned the Allied war crime — the bombing of Dresden, February 13-14, 1945 — in Toronto on Saturday. The bombing of Dresden was a violation of the 1907 Hague Convention, which made deliberate attacks on civilians a war crime, Dresden had no military manufacturing. It was not a military target. It was a cultural jewel and hub. It was packed with German refugees fleeing the Soviet armies 70 miles to the east.

Churchill had called for the “basting” of the civilian population. After high impact demolition bombs devastated buildings, another wave of planes with incendiary bombs created a firestorm which incinerated tens of thousands or sucked the oxygen out of the air and suffocated them. The next day waves of fighters with “turkey shoot” orders (kill anything that moves) harried the survivors, shooting civilians huddling in public parks or along the banks of the Elbe River. Initial estimates of identified or partly identified victims indicated about 300,000 victims of this war crime.

However, there were about 200,000 refugees, most not yet registered with the authorities. Many bodies had been reduced to a pool of fat. Had the Nuremburg War Crimes trials been anything other that a victors’ kangaroo court, people like Winston Churchill would have stood in the prisoner’s dock.

Attendees signed cards of support for Canadian Monika Schaefer, a political prisoner, held since January 3 in a maximum security prison, apparently for a video she made “Sorry, Mom, I Was Wrong About the holocaust”


Dresden Memorial Toronto

Monika Schaefer

Schwarzenbergstr. 14

81549 München,


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  1. The raids on Dresden in February 1945 were carried out by the RAF & USAAF at the request of the Soviet`s,…… to state that it was simply an RAF undertaking is historically incorrect and over simplified. Previous raids had already been made by the USAAF too and according to American intelligence there were 110 factories in the city engaged in war work from artillery and aircraft component manufacturers, a poison gas factory, lots of electrical components were made by the pottery industry while there were munitions dumps and barracks too. The Soviets claimed that it was a vital road junction for the Eastern Front which was full of German reinforcements. As for the beauty of the city,…..check out the Baedecker Blitz against British cities picked from the German tourist book for their beauty,……not military significance.

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