Selling Country for Coin: False accusations of “racism” used to conquer Lisdoonvarna and pour in the migrants!

Occupation regime representative, TD Timmy Dooley for Clare (Fianna Fáil) alleges “far-right activists from Dublin” attempted to stir up racial tension in Lisdoonvarna with anti-immigrant literature which they distributed around the town. However, not only did LOCAL Lisdoonvarna residents vote 93% AGAINST the migrants, but maybe Dublin knows a thing or two about being invaded by third worlders?

Traitorous Dooley told Newstalk the literature contained the kind of sentiment that is associated with far-right groups as if that is meant to be some kind of insult or justification for his invasion. He also alleged that they posted a notification on the door of the hotel which is being turned into a direct provision centre for 115 asylum seekers expressing anti-immigrant and anti-migration sentiments. In a normal world that is called self defense and preservation of true diversity.

93% of Lisdoonvarna locals at a community meeting recently voted against having an asylum centre in the area but the hotel owner Marcus White decided to sell out his country, kith and kin for Coin (a hefty sum it is rumoured), and signed the contract regardless despite earlier claiming he would abide by their wishes. Treasonous White has previously been found guilty of employing illegal immigrants.

In a similar case in Sweden, a Hotel owner (who remained patriotic and turned it down) was offered “THREE TIMES the value of his hotel to house refugees”.

Below is pictured the poster on the hotel door and the leaflet handed out to locals.



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