“Refugees” Shoot at Libyan Navy Rescue Boat! Three Cheers to Libyan Navy who Protect Europe unlike the EU!

Libyan Navy patrols, working in Al-Zawiya Oil Refinery, said they had intercepted two boats off Sabratha shores on Sunday and rescued 700 illegal immigrants onboard despite being shot at.

The Spokesman of the Libyan Naval Forces, Colonel Ayoub Qasim, said that among the immigrants, who were mostly from African countries, were some Libyan nationals as well as Syrian, Tunisian, Palestinian and other Arab nationals.

“Our patrol, which was going to rescue the boats, was shot at by the migrants, who wanted to foil our attempt to intercept them and disallow their journey to Europe.” Qasim added.

He added that the migrants were sent to the Oil Refinery naval center for humanitarian and medical care before they get transported to the Illegal Immigration Shelter Center in Al-Zawiya.

The Libyan Navy regularly “rescues” migrants / “refugees” and sends them back to the migrant shelters in Africa, but the Fake News mass media, EU occpied European governments and NGOs won’t tell you this…

Four months ago The Coast Guard in the western region at Azzawiya Refinery intercepted 300 illegal immigrants.

The spokesman of the Libyan Navy, Ayoub Qasim, said that 169 immigrants of African nationalities and other 130 from Bangladesh while one person is from Tunisia, pointing out that they were sent to Azzawiya migrants shelter.

In May last year the Libyan Coast Guard said its personnel had intercepted about 550 illegal immigrants trying to reach Europe by boat, the second time in three days they had intercepted migrants in the same area.

The western region’s Coast Guard personnel were patrolling off Azzawiya refinery on Tuesday intercepted four large inflatables carrying around 550 illegal migrants,” The Coast Gaurd’s spokesman Ayoub Qasim said.

Clearly the Italian and other European Navies have a lot to learn as the go collect the migrants within Libya’s territorial waters which amounts to nothing other than kidnap and slave trading.


Modern Slavery Refugees

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