#FakeRescue – Pushing people into the water to rescue them allows Migrant “Rescue” to be the new “Anchor Baby”. Arrest the NGOs!

Oh Susanna, Merkel won’t cry for you… but Tommy would die for you…

Italy Says NO to #KalergiBoats! Communist Spain says YES. Will Spain be the next target for mass illegal immigration perpetrated by The Establishment and EU?

Karl Lagerfeld Labels Mad Merkel Anti Semitic for Importing Millions of Anti Semitic Muslims, decades after the Holocaust, into Germany!

Army of African Migrants Storm and Attack Spanish Border – Migrants do not take NO for an answer (Video)

International Animal Rights Conservationist Stuck in Irish Asylum System Awaiting Protection Order

No-Go Zones are Conquered Land in Australia Where Muslim Culture is a Mono-Culture Rejecting Multiculturalism, Freedom of Speech and Association (Video)

Italian court lifts ban on Berlusconi running for public office

German doctor calls refugees medical tourists: They even ask for Viagra

Mad Merkel Returns to Her Genocidal Ways Now That Election is Over – Plans to Open Floodgates for Migrant Families

Lords want to abolish Brexit. Brexiters want to abolish Lords. Sign the petition!

Germany: Only 1 in 25 rejected African asylum migrants successfully deported home

Pro-sharia party leader: Belgium will have a Muslim majority within 12 years

Sweden: Church calls forbidden in town were mosque is allowed to air 110dB Islamic call to prayer

Role of French national hero Joan of Arc could soon be played by a Muslim woman