Liberals and Democrats are the new Nazis! Yet another Trump supporting student beaten!

Liberals and Democrats are the now beyond doubt the new Nazi dictators. Yet another Trump supporting student has been beaten up, insulted and castigated for political views. One wonders how often this is happening without a camera present or someone brave enough to share? Voter intimidation is yet another facet of how elections are rigged. Were it not for mass media, Trump would have won by a total landslide.

WOODSIDE, Calif. One Peninsula high school student’s support of Donald Trump may have made her a target.

The Woodside High School student and her family are shocked something like this could happen. The girl said all of her friends were posting about the election last night, but her post got her beat up.

Cellphone video captured the moment a female student attacked sophomore Jade Armenio.

“This girl comes up to me and she said, ‘Do you hate Mexicans?’ and I was like, ‘no,’ and she said, ‘You support Trump. You hate Mexicans.'”

Armenio says the girl hit her, threw her to the ground, pulled out her earrings and hair. She was left with a bloody nose and scratches and bruises. Before the results came in on election night, Armenio had posted on Instagram that she hoped Trump would win.

“I don’t think I could name one person on any of my accounts who didn’t say their opinion last night,” Armenio said.

Armenio’s parents say they’re mortified about what happened.

“My husband and I don’t put our political views on social media. Kids still do it. That’s their life. We tell them don’t do it, but even if she does she should never be hit like that,” said Gina Armenio.

The principle of Woodside High School issued a statement that reads in part the recorded incident was investigated in conjunction with law enforcement and appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.

Armenio says she’s also now the target of social media hate mail but she’s taking it in stride.

“In high school if you really care about what every person thinks you’re going to get torn apart,” Armenio said.

Armenio parents say they are keeping her out of school until they know she’ll be safe.

The shocking video of the Trump-supporting Californian high school student being attacked by a classmate over an Instagram post has sparked a police investigation into the incident.


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