Italian Coastguard Kidnaps 800 more Africans in cahoots with NGOs and Human Traffickers.

The Italian Coastguard has kidnapped 800 more Africans in their secret human trafficking operation in cahoots with NGOs and Human Traffickers.
These are NOT refugees, they are not even migrants. They have brand new rubber duck boats, brand new life jackets and it is all organised in advance. The new rubber duck boats are towed out by tugboat at night to a pre agreed location then the Coastguard and traitorous NGOs come “rescue them”. (See proof in video below).
This is colonization of Africa’s working population! This is worse than the landgrab of colonial times.
These young able bodied men belong back home in their own countries where they should be fighting for the freedom of their countries, building the economies of their countries and providing for their families!
To pretend they come to work is the the biggest joke and amounts to a crime against humanity and profiteering.

Some African invaders jumped into the water and tried to climb aboard an already packed “rescue” dinghy during a pre planned “rescue” by the Italian Coast Guard 30 miles off the Coast of Libya – northeast of Tripoli.
Eventually all the invaders were imported into Europe even tough the African coast was closer!
A total of 800 invaders were ferried across in six pre planned operations off the coast of Libya involving the Italian Coast Guard and rescue ships run by two non-profit groups who run a illegal human trafficking operation.
Don Deon

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