#IslamIs – Geert Wilders, leader of second largest party in Netherlands releases warning video on Islam…

Was it a mistake for the left wing establishment (even though they lie and call themselves center right), to castigate, ostracise and marginalise the second largest party in The Netherlands? Is that even legal or democratic?

Geert Wilders, leader of the PVV party has released a video warning The Netherlands and the West of the danger posed by Islam. As can be expected, it has triggered the far left establishment with all kinds of threats and lawsuits and hot air.

The video clip sparked outrage and anger from politicians and various organizations with an anti-Islam campaign video broadcast on NPO on Thursday. A number of establishment and left wing politicians and organizations threatened that they will be pressing charges of incitement to hatred and violence against the PVV leader as well as the broadcaster.

The video lists various things that Islam stands for: Islam stands for terrorism and hatred against a whole list of peoples, including Jews, Christians, women, and homosexuals. This is all displayed in red letters on the screen, with horror music playing. The video ends with “Islam is deadly”, also written in red letters, with blood dripping on the screen. The commercial was aired by NPO on Thursday, during broadcasting time for political parties. Wilders also posted it, in Dutch and English, on Twitter.

In a reaction, the broadcaster NPO stated that it is not responsible for the content of the video. “The NPO has no influence on the content of the commercials in airtime for political parties. Responsibility for the content lies directly with the political party”, the public broadcaster said, according to the Volkskrant.

Wilders responded to the commotion on Twitter. “No one will stop me from proclaiming the truth about Islam. No charges, no death threats, no al-Qaeda, no cowardly fellow politicians, no mosque associations. No one. Never. Islam is an existential danger for the Netherlands and our freedom” he tweeted.

Predictably the whole boatload of anti Netherlands traitors jumped onboard to virtue signal their position to their donors and voters.

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3 thoughts on “#IslamIs – Geert Wilders, leader of second largest party in Netherlands releases warning video on Islam…

  1. Dear Geert, I am a devoted Christian, married to a former Muslim and her whole family are Muslims. It still is a difficult situation as they come to visit us frequently and follow their Muslim traditions. When they start this, I walk out of the house until they are finished. My eldest son, 10 years old also don’t like what they are doing in our house and is telling them straight that they are wrong. They don’t like that at all.

    • So sad you were tricked into destroying your genetic heritage and giving away all the hard work of your forefathers away.
      At the very least you should endevour to give the country that YOU inherited from your forefathers, to your descendants in the same or better condition that you received it. NO that does not mean money or “global economy”.
      Giving in to a totalitarian ideology because you have been lied to about “diversity” and tolerance by world supremacist globalists is doing the the exact opposite.
      Would be great if you took her muslim name instead of giving a dutch name to them…

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