Ireland Becoming a 3rd World EU Sh*thole as Migrant Copper Thieves on Welfare go Unpunished

Irish Councillor Padraic Brady from Longford County wants migrant copper thieves deported. Speaking on Shannonside radio after one of his elderly constituents had his home destroyed when it was burgled and the copper was ripped out, he said the punishment given to criminals in Ireland is not acting as a deterrent. Councillor Brady wants greater sentencing.

If EU law prevents criminals from being punished, shouldn’t EU pay for the damages?

Councillor Padraic Brady wants criminals to work to repay the damage they’ve done as they should not be getting away with a little slap on the wrist because the criminals are appearing again and again in the courts, on free legal aid, and let loose to re-offend thanks to EU law. He also wants to stop their social welfare benefits. Almost every council also has drug addicts whose habit is supported by welfare as they are left free to turn neighbourhoods into sh*tholes for residents. If you hurt them in the pockets, they’ll think twice about doing it he said. He also says people who get a house and then wreck the house should not get a second house. He wants migrant criminals sent home.

Councillor Brady says a lot of people are afraid to speak out about the issue for fear of being castigated and branded racist. However one caller in Drumlish said councilors were to blame for the problem as they are bringing in undesirables from other places and settling them in the area. It was also claimed that the legal industry is making a lot of money from the crimes as the criminals get free legal aid. Shannonside host Maryclaire Grealy remarked that Ireland did not have the prison space to accommodate all the people committing these crimes. One final caller said that Ireland was becoming a bandit country.

Following a brief discussion on local authority housing in February, Cllr Padraic Brady said the time had come to deal appropriately with tenants who destroyed properties and left them in “appalling condition”. “Basically, I have seen first hand the condition that some of the houses are in when they are handed back to the local authority here and it’s not good,” added Cllr Brady. Cllr Brady went on to say that he had seen properties where the skirting board had been cut off and burned; doors cut down and burned; windows broken and kitchens dismantled and destroyed. “It is outrageous,” he exclaimed. “Holes have been broken into walls, plumbing has pulled out, even the wiring has been pulled out of some houses. “Then the local authority has to come along and had to re-certify wiring, re-certify plumbing – you are talking about a refit, even a rebuild in some cases, and all at a cost of thousands upon thousands of euros. “It’s not fair on the genuine people on our housing lists that are looking for houses.”

Cllr Brady went on to say that the people who were “wrecking” houses were subsequently moving on to the other local authority areas and putting their names forward for new accommodation. “In some cases, the people who wreck houses are serial offenders, and honestly the state that some houses have been left in, in Longford town, is totally unacceptable. “To be fair about it, we have to stamp out this carry on; the people that are doing all this damage cannot be allowed to get another house.”

Since 2015, Longford County Council has splashed out €1.23m on repair works to its existing housing stock alone. The highest outlay came in 2016, courtesy of an overall spend of €506,705, some €80,000 ahead of the Council’s €426,535 figure and more than two thirds more than what was allocated last year (€297,686).

The issue here is not only migration, but also EU law which protects the criminal and not the victim.

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