#InterNazi – Will Hitlerisation of Putin backfire and expose the InterNational Socialist’s deceit and treachery in WWI & II?

If there is one way to recognise an evil covert manipulator, it is by his signature modus operandi, and no one is better at vilifying a target in the global fake news theatre, than the International Socialist establishment “Liberal One World Order”. Whilst their Hitlerisation of Trump failed, their Hitlerisation or Nazification of Putin runs the risk of backfiring and expose their deep deceit and treachery in WWII

Since the poisoning of the Skripals in Wiltshire, Russia has been hit with a raft of sanctions. Using it as a veritable unproven “WMD”, twenty-three diplomats were expelled from London and 14 other countries have now followed suit. Russian private jets are being scrutinized and subjected to extra searches, the Government said, while the World Cup will not be attended by the British Royal family.

For the second time since the incident, a Nazi comparison has been made. Russia has been accused of using Nazi tactics in an attack by UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson. His comments follow those of Boris Johnson who compared the upcoming World Cup to the 1936 Nazi Germany hosted-Olympics.

Williamson accused Russia of using internet bots to spread ‘distorted narratives’ to create confusion over the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia, in the same way Nazi Germany would utilize propaganda before and during World War II. Now Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson suggested the Russian president will “glory” in this summer’s World Cup as Adolf Hitler did during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

Johnson told a committee of MPs it was “an emetic prospect” to think of Putin “glorying in this sporting event.”

“I think the comparison with 1936 is certainly right,” Johnson said.

These comments were branded “unacceptable and totally irresponsible” by the Russian ambassador to the UK, Alexander Yakovenko.

Williamson has said Russia poses a great danger to national security and that Russian bots are the ‘Lord Haw-Haw’ of the modern era.

Lord Haw-Haw was the alias of William Joyce, an American-born fascist who moved to Germany before the outbreak of war. Joyce became infamous for his production of pro-Nazi English language radio propaganda during the conflict. He was hanged for treason after the war’s end.


Let’s be very clear, one hard and fast, undeniable fact is that Russia isn’t going to be invading any EU member state anytime soon. The NATO pact precludes that and Europe already spends well over 3 times what Russia spends on defence. The idea that Europe needs to spend more is ridiculous.

Yes, Putin wants a strong Russia, but he doesn’t want world domination as the Soviets did, he isn’t the next Hitler, nor is he the next Stalin.

America, who financed and equipped Stalin to the hilt in WWII, spends almost ten times more than Russia on defence. Europe should not raise spending to try to match America. Instead, America should cut spending to match Europe. If the US slashed its defence spending by half, it would still be spending well over twice the amount of the next country (China).

This might mean fewer bases and troops stationed in Europe, but it certainly will not back away from the mutual defense aspects of the NATO treaty: An attack on one is an attack on all, and the world beyond NATO knows for sure that this is not simply empty rhetoric. As we saw in Serbia.

Russia does not share the same goals as the old Soviet Union. They are two different entities. Russia is not governed by a Bolshevik world domination ideology. Russia is a sovereign nation state that of course pursues its own interests, as all Nation States do, and understandably is outraged and feels backed into a corner when NATO builds missile systems on their border.

Imagine Russia built missile systems in Mexico? Friendly America would be fine with that, right? Remember Cuba.

Putin isn’t Hitler, but the more we vilify and antagonise and provoke Russia, place sanctions on them and back them into a corner, perhaps we will one day create and find out what an actual Russian Hitler looks like.


Does Putin hold an ace up his sleeve regarding the past sins of the West in WWII? Certainly there is a lot of information about the Eastern Half of WWII that has never been disclosed. There has never been war crimes tribunals in Russia, despite an estimated 100 Million having being slaughtered there during the last century, by the Bolsheviks (from New York) and the communists, NKVD, etc. etc.

However, just like a young idealistic Hitler back in the 1930’s who applied for membership of the Socialist party, and was denied, Putin and Russia are at a crossroads and ripe for the picking by the world supremacists, who with their ownership of global fake or gap news media, can characterise and manipulate him into whatever they choose, even if that is the modern Hitler. All in order to save their precious “liberal world order” and it’s petro-dollar, which is collapsing as we speak, especially with the recent introduction of the Oil backed Petro-Yuan from China, which Russian Oiligarchs have started using. This benchmark is already outperforming the Brent so look to a quick escalation in the coming weeks!

Whilst attempts to vilify Putin in the pre populism era was an easy target, now they only serve to strengthen and elucidate his position as Nation States start awakening from their Internationalist stupor and realize the threat from an evil beast called InterNazi (International Socialism). A threat very few in the pre internet, pre WWII Germany even suspected or knew of, although Hitler did refer to it constantly:



Putin is Our “Good Hitler”

“Our” because Putin, like Hitler, is blood from blood, flesh from flesh of his own people.

“Good” because no real Leader of the People could be bad for his people. The majority of Germans to the very end of the Third Reich considered Hitler a great man.

“Hitler” because the early manner and style of President Putin’s leadership very much resembles the manner and style of Hitler in the early stages of his career in politics; because the situation in post-Soviet Russia very much resembles the situation in post-war Germany; ethnically cleansed and ransacked by the Bolsheviks, and because Russians at the turn of this century very much resemble the Germans of the 1920s and 1930s.


But there remains the problem of “perspective”. The world has had their impressions of Hitler formed by mass media through vindictive propaganda in books, films and other “political folklore” that describe only the final, military/concentration camp phase of the German Fuehrer. They know practically nothing about the early, pre-war Hitler, whom the Putin of today so resembles. Hitler’s own road to Hell was paved with good deeds and the best of intentions.

Putin today, like Hitler at the beginning of his journey, is not evil. Like Hitler, Putin is just trying to save his Motherland. Unlike Merkel who wants to destroy it and turn it into an extension of her own twisted InterNazi machinations.

At the beginning of their great journey to save the Fatherland, no one wants to kill anyone. They are only led to this later, by the manipulation of outside forces and logic of the mission of “savior of the Fatherland”.

Putin, like Hitler, is genuinely loved by most of the people, the simple people.

Putin, like Hitler, became a real leader of the people because he has an amazing ability to, intentionally or not, reproduce in his people his own qualities and values that are respected even for normal people.

People love Putin, as they loved Hitler, because he lets them relax, throw off the burdens of enforced responsibility, gain freedom and achieve a civilized and stable social order. Under Putin, as it was under Hitler, people can happily give in to natural born virtues and principles. Under Putin, as it was under Hitler, it is easy for even a normal person to be brave and outspoken because a free society will not condemn him for it. Under Putin, as it was under Hitler, one can easily and with pleasure give in to the strongest of human emotions: love of being part of something greater than yourself.

Putin, like Hitler, is not only loved by the simple people, but also resonates with a significant portion of the Russian elite as well. As in all politics, in exchange for their loyalty, President Putin empowers the right businessmen, academics and artisans, freeing them from the rigors of Internationalist Debt Slavery to Banksters and gives their job meaning and purpose. Indeed International Banks were and are the number one enemy of both Putin and Hitler.

Putin is not Stalin. President Putin has no Leftist totalitarian agenda, he is not opposed to the wealthy or entitled, he is not planning to polarise the people against the elites, nor is he a slave to the idealism of economic equality. However, unlike Stalin, Putin and Hitler knew that for normal folk, it is important under whose flag they are organized.

Even some classic Russian left wing fascists and Internationalists, who vilify in every way the post-Soviet regime and democracy, do not do the same with Putin; they sense he is different. Conversely, those outside the system – that is, the ideologically Leftist groups, every imaginable type of useful idiot Lefty, from the Russian Communist Workers Party to the Trotskyites, anarchists and “Antiphus” – are irreconcilably opposed to Putin personally; they sense in him a major obstacle to their dream of a One World Communist Government.

National leaders come in two different types: “light” and “dark”.

Some spur their nations onward, call on them to storm the heavens. They bring to mind Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Martin Luther, Napoleon, Peter I, Lenin, Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. and most recently Trump.

Others are the opposite: they weaken their nations, immerse them in the abyss of base instincts. They present as models to the world Ivan the Terrible, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Idi Amin and Mao Zedong. Does Putin have the foresight to recognise this fork in his path and take the right light one?.

Russia before Putin, like Germany before Hitler, was wallowing in enforced debt and national and international humiliation with the Treaty of Versailles. Both great powers suffered the shame of defeat in war and post war vindictiveness on the part of the victors: Germany in World War-I, Russia in the Cold War. Both great people were humiliated by the InterNazi. Both countries lost the halo of greatness that kept their people warm to an international elite hell bent on destroying any Nation State that became too strong as it threatened their plans for world domination.

Both nations suffered the deliberate collapsing of their traditional government institutions. Both peoples suffered through a vulgar enforced democratization or “liberalisation”, and recoiled and suffered from it. Their Great Depression, and Russia’s cold-and-hungry 1990s with its default, made Stability and Order into national idols. In pre-Hitler Germany and pre-Putin Russia (although for different reasons) politicians of the Left, the Communist-Socialists and Liberal-Democrats, could no longer deceive the people with their internationalist bankster driven projects for the future. In this vacuum stepped aptly equipped leaders who knew where to find the strength for a rebirth and how to activate their own resources, and taught their peoples who were their true enemies.

Both countries awaited their savior. And he arrived.

Putin, like Hitler, is the savior of his Fatherland, the guardian of its Greatness, Stability and Order. Putin is here the Chieftain.

Putin, like Hitler, is saving the country from enemies foreign and domestic. In the imaginations of most of his people, through Putin, like Hitler, the Nation State ensures the health and well-being of everyone. The most important thing for the average Russian is to be For Putin (as it was for the average German under Hitler). Everything else follows from that.

Putin, like Hitler, is the idol of the most helpless and aggressive segment of society: the youth. Putin, like Hitler, empowers unselfconfident youths with a basic socialization path through the structures of the regime and an official, permissible outlet for their natural frustrations and angst.

Putin, like Hitler, is in and of himself not a bad guy: not a miscreant, nor a moral monster. One can plainly see that Putin, as an “early Good Hitler”, has normal ideas about honor, decency, duty and even politics. It is only later, after losing the orientation under the weight of their mission as “Savior of the Fatherland”, under a torrent of internationalist vilification and demonisation, that their mission is disrupted and their personality is degraded, losing the common norms and human sensors of good and evil. To this day “disrupt and discredit” are still the war cry of far left extremists as we saw so plainly in the anti Trump propaganda.

Saving millions, they first forget about a few thousand, and then as they are drowned under internationalist abuse, they forget about the millions themselves. Any important person, striving to save the fatherland, believes that he will have the rationality and will to avoid becoming demonised and manipulated into a moral monster – because he has come this far. But the years go by, and he, like anyone who gains absolute trust of the people finds it harder and harder to satisfy their expectations. The only ones to escape it are those who, in their service to the nation state, find the strength in themselves to resist putting on the Ring of All-Power and give in to the darkness constantly being offered by the demons of internationalism and world supremacy

Both Putin and Hitler at the foundation of their “political personalities” have one and the same concern. Both took the geopolitical defeat of their country as a personal defeat, a moral trauma – one battling on the front lines, the other serving his Motherland on the “invisible front” [of intelligence work]. But, unlike for most of their peers, for both Putin and Hitler their wounds became what lifted them to their destinies.

Both Putin and Hitler have a peculiar, growing charisma, fed not by their internal world but the external. Not outstanding in their youths, but quiet and disciplined, nothing heroic or remarkable about them, both Putin and Hitler blossomed as it were in an instant, capably – even ingeniously – expanding their personal power not through internal conditions of mind and spirit, but external circumstances of Nation vs World.

Both Putin and Hitler are political maximalists. Both Putin and Hitler seriously took upon themselves nothing more, and nothing less than the salvation of their country. Both Putin and Hitler were not contented with having won in the backrooms and in elections the highest office in their country. Both Putin and Hitler did not limit themselves to the role of leader of a specific majority. Both Putin and Hitler, in the final analysis, came upon absolute power not packed up in the cramped and boring confines of a parliamentary democracy, but reached beyond that to external forces that were oppressing their Nation State, and had the resolve to do something about it.

Despite significant differences in temperament, both Putin and Hitler are inveterate populists. Both Putin and Hitler are, it goes without saying, talented in their skill and knowledge of how to please the people. It is a thesis that requires no further proof.

Both Putin and Hitler are neither Left nor Right, neither liberals nor socialists. Both Putin and Hitler are for the people, truly central for their national interests and against the enemies of their countries. Both Putin and Hitler are as it were above politics (something Putin himself has said more than once). Both Putin and Hitler insist that they came to power not like others – through money and a personal struggle for power – but from the people themselves, a higher mission, providence, fate, duty, etc. The political paths of both Hitler and Putin were of a mostly third/median way. A path not associated with any ideology that might divide society. A path for national unification by general deliverance from a common internationalist enemy.

The question is, will Putin be able to dodge the temptations and pressures the InterNazis will throw at him in order to manipulate him like they did Hitler? Will he and the world have learnt from history, or are we yet again destined to repeat the errors of the past because we are not willing to learn from history?

Don V


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