#InterNazi Hitler was a Socialist, so is Hogg, the Nazi Left’s Little Hitler! A true fascist dictator in the making… VIDEO

Few people know or realise that Hitler was a Socialist and that he applied for membership to the Socialist Party in the early 1930’s, but was turned down. He later went on to join the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, (NSDAP) commonly referred to in English as the Nazi Party as it became known).

Speak to anyone from East Europe and they will be stunned to realise that the Occident (West) has been brainwashed into thinking that Hitler was far right, when in fact they, who actually experienced all of it, know that he was far left (Totalitarianism, like communism and socialism and Islam…
…now do you understand why the left likes totalitarian Islam?

Liberals and Democrats are now beyond doubt the new Nazi fascist dictators. If there is one way to recognise an evil covert manipulator, it is by the signature modus operandi, and no group is better at vilifying a target in the global fake news theatre, which they own, than the International Socialist (InterNazi) establishment “Liberal One World Order”.



Whilst their attempted Hitlerisation of Trump failed, their Hitlerisation or Nazification of Putin also runs the risk of backfiring and exposing their deep deceit and treachery in WWI & II right up until today…

How long will we tolerate the Deep State and NWO?

Don V




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11 thoughts on “#InterNazi Hitler was a Socialist, so is Hogg, the Nazi Left’s Little Hitler! A true fascist dictator in the making… VIDEO

  1. Scary to see how a group is destroyinģ a guy who is on a quest to protect the young from senseless killer who got mental issues and easy access to deadly weapons. The NRA and most republicans are doing everything just killings will continue.

    • Are you so gullible you really believe the dems actually care about gun control? Look how easily they discarded the DACA kids… wake up zombie
      look how they have destroyed civil order and society worldwide.

    • Occidental Europeans No probs. Zombies will soon be walking across America because massacre of Americans will continue because crazy Americans will continue to have easy access to deadly weapons anytime and anywhere. America is now becoming a shithole country just because of your 2ndA.

    • Amerika isn’t a real country. Only 650years ago European imigrants started it by killing everything in it.Your history is European!!! Amerikans are disbeleave Europeans wo where kickt out of Europe.

  2. Russia defeded Hitler on 28april 1945. The Amerikans came three day’s later to take the victory? Amerika had delevered material to Hitler on to 1944. The Ford motor company made a fortune of WW2. He started Ford Europe whit stolen gold frome the judes. Henry Ford even get the Iron Kros from Hitler!!!!

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