Illegal Migrants Cash In. Western Governments are Enticing, Grooming and Kidnapping People from Poorer Countries!

Illegal Migrants Cash In. Western Governments are Enticing, Grooming and Kidnapping People from poorer countries, making these countries guilty of human trafficking and crimes against humanity, by destroying the chances these poor countries have of advancement, by stealing their most able and talented citizens too boost the profit of supremacist multinationals.

If we are to believe the lie that “illegal migrants and refugees are good for Western economies”, imagine how good they could be in helping their own countries?

The truth however is that these illegal migrants are only after easy street offered by the benefits systems owned, funded and developed by the hapless citizens of these Western Nations.

Recently The Netherlands was shamed after it came out that they were giving illegal migrants and “refugees” a €3,000 euro cash spending money handout.

The British government is paying around $2,400 (in US dollars) for migrants to leave the British Isles and return home. Needless to say the project is causing a stir now that it is out in the open aswell.

The MSM headline falsely uses the word “refugee” but in fact these are people who are mostly asylum seekers who have not yet been granted asylum, and are thus not technically refugees, but, as the article says, they are illegal migrants.

Clearly this plan will only encourage more illegal entry because it is an enticement to try to get in as $2,400 goes a long way in poorer nations.

A repatriation fund, especially in the US, is a sad consequence but a good damage limitation exercise because will be less costly in the long run (by not putting them on welfare), and there are “legal” refugees who either came as asylum seekers or were placed in many US cities by the US State Department who are profoundly unhappy and want to go home. We should help them do so.

Several readers said if the UK stopped meddling in civil wars in Syria and elsewhere, the UK wouldn’t have the problem. Agreed. Let the UK (and the US) stay out of the Middle East, let the Middle East take care of the Middle East! And we can take care of our countries first (America First as Trump says, and Britain First, etc.) and let them kill each other without our help!

The UK government confirmed that it has been offering £2,000 of taxpayers’ cash to “assist” return payments to each refugee, who accepts to leaves the UK, The Express reported Saturday.
Nice lottery win if you are a big family…

The Home office said a total of 529 people have been paid the money since the government implemented the plan in January this year. It said the money is paid to help those returning to “find somewhere to live, find a job or start a business in their home country.”

According to figures, the UK faces the highest asylum claims since 2004, Home Office officials said.

Politicians warned the government that “the scheme to pay illegal immigrants money will only encourage the problem,” the report said.

Lawmaker Mike Hookem, who described the new plan as “scandalous expose,” criticized May’s refugee policies, saying “when it came to border control Theresa May was an abject failure.”

Back in September, the prime minister called for fortification of border controls; differentiation between refugees and economic migrants and finally reaffirming the “declaration of human rights” as the third principle.

She made the remarks in an address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, where the world leaders had the refugee crisis high on their agenda. May, however, was criticized by more than 200 religious leaders as her government announced that it would tighten anti-refugee measures.

Europe, is facing an unprecedented influx of refugees fleeing conflict-ridden zones in Africa and the Middle East because of bombing and regime change campaign by the West (USA Gov and Elites). As a result, the refugees, who fled conflict-ridden zones in Africa and the Middle East, cross the Mediterranean Sea in the hope of reaching the wealthy European countries, including Britain.

Clearly such a strategy should come with rules, like they get fingerprinted and can’t come back without some serious penalty! Yes, there have been cases of illegals returning multiple times under different names to claim cash hand outs!




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