Here is Why Trump Won! Liberal Mass Media Enable Violent Voter Intimidation and Must Be Held Accountable!

Why Trump Won! Liberal Mass Media Enable Violent Voter Intimidation To USA. MSM must be held accountable for weaponizing, enabling and glorifying Political Correctness!

“You Voted Trump? Kill!”

The mass media are enablers and incite this kind of behaviour by their promotion of overt political correctness and castigation of Patriots.

Man kicked in head, has car stolen as bystanders shout ‘You voted Trump’ (GRAPHIC VIDEO): Black Mob Viciously Beats White Trump Voter – “You Voted Trump? You Gonna Pay For That Shit!”

Shocking video out of Chicago shows a mob of young black men viciously beating an older white man because he voted for Donald Trump, dragging him through the streets as he hangs out of the back of his car.

The clip shows the thugs repeatedly screaming, “you voted Donald Trump” as they assault the victim from every angle while others steal his belongings.

“You voted Trump,” the mob screams, “You gonna pay for that sh*t.”
Another woman shouts “beat his ass,” while another man is heard laughing before remarking, “Don’t vote Trump.”

A second video of the incident which is dubbed with the “F**k Donald Trump” song, a phrase now being chanted by “protesters” across the country, shows one of the attackers driving away in the man’s vehicle while his hand is still stuck in the window as the car drags him down the street.

“The scene is frankly reminiscent of a lynching,” remarks Chris Menahan.
It is not even clear if the victim was a Trump supporter. Presumably, the mob used that as an excuse to beat and rob him.

YouTube quickly deleted the video but we downloaded it and it has been mirrored on numerous different websites. We removed the soundtrack which was being used as an excuse by Youtube to suppress it with an age restriction.

If the roles had been reversed, and Trump supporters had been caught on tape viciously beating a black Hillary voter, this would be a national news story right now and caused nationwide riots.

As it is, you won’t see this on CNN (Clinton News Network) anytime soon.

The shocking video of a white man being beaten by a group of black youths while witnesses shout, “You voted Trump,” and, “Don’t vote Trump,” has been posted online.

The incident happened in broad daylight at the corner of South Kedzie Avenue and Roosevelt Road in Chicago.

At one point, the victim manages to rise from the ground and make his way back to his vehicle, shouting “get out of my car” to one of the gang crouched over the driver’s seat.

However, he is followed by one of the attackers who starts hitting him again.

A male and female voice can be heard behind the camera shouting, “Don’t vote Trump.”

In another, longer video of the incident overlaid with a rap song, F**k Donald Trump, we can see a man driving off in the car, dragging the victim along while he desperately hangs on to the vehicle with one arm inside the window.

This video has been suppressed by YouTube and others by putting an age restriction on it and will eventually be taken down by (((youtube))). Save and share.

Trump must revise the laws on Media ownership!

#DrainTheSwamp #DrainTheMedia

The Nation State is Our Home. Mess with it and we will rise up.



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