Genocidal Hypocrite Much? Europe has been White 3 times longer than Israel has existed, yet only Israel has a right to Ethnic Nationalism?

Does Only Zionist Israel Have the Right to a Homogeneous Nation State, Whilst They Promote and Facilitate Mass Immigration Into All Other Nations?
In a blatant propaganda video the Israeli Government pokes “fun” at almost everyone for invading Jewish ‘home-sweet-home’ – if this video does not backfire, then you need to be very very worried.
Israel’s Foreign Ministry is calling out at pretty much everyone else and anyone who has allegedly “wronged” Jews over the last 3,000 years in a modern-day lesson on the Jewish perspective in a new video.
The propaganda video outlines the alleged “history of the Jewish people” by focusing on Jacob and Rachel, a nice Jewish couple that are pushed out of their home by an endless stream of unwelcome visitors, not dissimilar to what Europe is facing now, partially at the behest of infamous supremacist Jews like Barbara Spectre…

“From ancient times to modern days, the Land of Israel has seen a whirlwind of visitors knocking on its door… but Jews were always present in their home-sweet-home,” read the new video’s caption.
Assyrians, Greeks, Arabs, crusaders, the British and many other guests stop by to “claim the home as their own”, until the British and USA were eventually blackmailed and forced to give Israel to the Zionist Jews in the Balfour Agreement of 1917. (see copy we added at end of video), although the video pretends it was through goodwill claiming the British “realized this isn’t Europe” and give the couple back their home.
So if Israel and Jews “realize” Europe is for British and the like, why are they promoting and pushing mass immigration and the destruction of the borders of European Nation States, even though Europe has been European for 3 times longer than Israel has existed, if not longer? The fact that Europe is the domain and homeland of white Caucasians and their descendants is indisputable and non negotiable.
Indeed why are Israel not assisting in the defense of these Nation States against the supremacist EU, UN and leftist Elites?
Meanwhile, the UN chief has lambasted Netanyahu for calling opposition to Israeli settlements ‘ethnic cleansing’.
Given that we do not have the millions that Israel have to produce a video, at the end of the video is a collection of memes to lend some balance and give other opinions on the matter…
Am I jealous of Israel? Damn right I am… …all nations or races or cultures need and deserve their own homeland, it is the evolutionary requirement for survival…
Why does Israel and Jews in general not support the efforts of other nations to defend and protect their identity, heritage and culture in a country of their own, yet expect and demand that others support them???
Don Deon

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