Fascist UK, Fascist Germany, Fascist Spain and Fascist EU Arrests Democratically Elected Catalan Political Leaders!

Carles Puigdemont, the democratically elected Catalan leader who fled Spain has been detained in Germany, whilst Clara Ponsatí, who fled to Scotland, is to hand herself over to police, according to their lawyers.

An arrest warrant had been issued for Puigdemont in Finland after the former president visited the country for talks with lawmakers. He was returning to Belgium, where he lives in self-imposed exile, when he was detained by German authorities after crossing the border from Denmark.

“First Minister Carles Puigdemont has been detained in Germany when he was crossing the border from Denmark,”Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas, Puigdemont’s lawyer, tweeted Sunday. Puigdemont is now said to be in a police station awaiting his legal team. German police have confirmed the arrest. It is unclear where Puigdemont is being held.

Puigdemont fled Finland after authorities there confirmed they had received an extradition request from Spain. “Spain has requested extradition of its national, who is currently visiting Finland,” the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation said in a statement on Saturday. “The police have reported to the prosecutor and have engaged in the exchange of additional information with Spanish authorities.”

An EU arrest warrant for Puigdemont and a number of his aides was issued by the Spanish Supreme Court Friday. Puigdemont is wanted on charges of rebellion and sedition after leading a pro-independence referendum deemed illegal by the Spanish government late last year.

Responding to those angered by the decision of police to enforce the arrest warrant Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said that while her government supports “the right of the people of Catalonia to determine their own future and that we strongly oppose the Spanish Government’s decision to seek the arrest and imprisonment of independence supporting politicians,” her government is “legally obliged” to comply with extradition requests.

Sturgeon added that, because the legal process allows individuals to oppose extradition in the courts, it is important that the government “says nothing to prejudice the integrity of that process.”

Scottish National Party MP Ian Blackford weighed in on the arrest controversy, saying that he will be seeking a meeting with the Spanish Ambassador to ask for “an explanation for the arrest warrant for Clara Ponsatí.”

“Spain needs to think carefully, arresting politicians in such a situation is not the right thing to do in a democracy,” he added.

Ponsatí, Puigdemont and the others are wanted on charges of rebellion and sedition, after leading a pro-independence referendum deemed illegal by the Spanish government late last year.

The vote led to riots across the region amid accusations of police violence. Puidgemont fled the region in the wake of the vote. A number of his colleagues have spent time in jail and are now facing trial.

Puigdemont was detained earlier on Sunday, having crossed the German border and after narrowly evading arrest in Finland. A number of his colleagues have spent time in jail and are now facing trial. Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Barcelona to protest Puidgemont’s arrest Sunday.


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11 thoughts on “Fascist UK, Fascist Germany, Fascist Spain and Fascist EU Arrests Democratically Elected Catalan Political Leaders!

    • Liam Sid Robinson Anything that suppresses free will of the people and limits their freedom of speech in order to maintain statism is fascist, no?
      Europeans should be allowed to gather when and where and how they choose. The EU is not Europe!

    • Never said the EU was truly European. Fascism ultimately wants to liberate Europe from a weird modern hybrid of consumer capitalism and cultural Marxism. Modern states act in a way which resembles the USSR or America during the red scare when political dissidents whilst at the same time taking steps to eradicate cultural preservation by the native population to maintain the statues quo.

    • Liam Sid Robinson As long as you identify with and support the labels the world supremacists have made for you, you will be subject to their dialectic.
      The UK government and most other European governments are occupation regimes and until we stop identifying with them and giving any of them our support, we have no hope.
      Fascism is a political position whereby state and corporations conspire to control everything.
      BRexit was a vote AGAINST the UK government who are now doing everything they can to delay and prevent it while pretending to obey the wishes of the people…
      And yes, Hitler was a socialist and was also supported by corporations like Ford and New York banksters… his thoughts might have been in the right place but he was sadly hijacked…

  1. Define fasism? I shocked myself when l looked it up (As a non racist). They labelled these ppl that disagreed with entering WWII, Churchill saying obv one if you were either with us or against us. I thoughr it is obvious that Hitler’s foes took over Europe from the intentions of The Third Reich, the borders are exactly the same excluding Turkey & Finland. They are decimating bankcrupted countries assets. Britain’s industries have been decimated since the seventies..yet continue to convince mainstream that we get more funding by remaining. Don’t think much of this NWO, even America is crippled financially & morally. Need yet another world order, just hope it doesn’t take WWIII if it hasn’t started already..

  2. Any thoughts of totalitarianism ,- in the West seem remote. A people change of consciousness seems wishful thinking but living to just pay interest on debt the world is enslaved to this routine. And any one leader that breaks the chains is set upon by the powers that be..Sorry rant over..

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