EU (not Europe) becomes a liability to USA as Dutch lose easy access to US passport control in Amsterdam

Like the Mass Fake News Media, Supremacist European Council President Donald Tusk, has scapegoated Trump for the actions and will of the people who want freedom from World Supremacists like him and the EU. He has called the US one of four external threats to the EU along with China, Russia and radical Islam.

The senior EU official added that the bloc must take “spectacular steps” to avoid disintegration. He said that if this did not happen, separated European nations would become dependent on the US, China and Russia. As if that is any worse than beong dependent on a “Consortium” of supremacist Oligarchs and Banksters in EU

Contradicting himslef Tusk then said the EU could capitalize on Trump’s trade strategy by setting up econimic ties aroind the world. becoming economically dependent on those nation themselves.

In another sign of this clash between freedom loving people in nation states and EU supremacy, The Netherlands has had to stop negotiations with the US on cooperation between the two nations’ border control authorities, which were aimed at allowing people travelling to the US from Amsterdam, to pass through US-authorized border control in the Dutch capital to avoid waiting in lines once they arrive in the US. To date only Dublin has such a facility.

The EU occupation Dutch government said it did not see the possibility for continuing talks in light of the travel ban imposed on seven predominantly Muslim countries by the Trump administration – a policy which Amsterdam considers against its aim of mixed race world supremacy…


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