Irish Occupation Regime Paid Journalists to Promote €116 BILLION Plan to Import 1 MILLION Migrants into Ireland!

“The Speech I Was Stopped From Giving” – Dresden Memorial Meeting Closed by Occupation Regime’s Police

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Poland aims to crack down on fascism

Musician: Merkel is a criminal and needs to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital

Italy’s election hopeful Salvini wants to deport 500,000 migrants

The Netherlands is turning into a “narco state” where criminal groups are left undisturbed

Italy’s poor elderly want food while the country’s migrants complain about Wi-Fi signals

Brainwashed German taxpayers finance Sharia loving refugee who has two wives and six children

BRexit London is Europe’s tech capital

Hungary’s PM: Islam is advancing and Christianity is Europe’s last hope

Austrian chancellor: Without strong borders our entire world is in danger