“RefugeesWelcome” Are Slavetraders Who Are Committing a Massive Crime Against Humanity, AGAIN!

300 Years ago “The Establishment” collected African Workers off the coast of Africa from Human traffickers. Today, “The Establishment”, in many cases the same old money and families, are AGAIN collecting African Workers off the African Coast!

Stop the Migrants or We The People Stop Paying Taxes! Let the Liberal Traitors Pay!

Hundreds of years ago ships were collecting African slaves from human traffickers off the coast of Africa, Seems nothing has changed and ONCE AGAIN it is the Democrats, Liberals, Corporations, Elites and Multinationals doing the slave trading…

Helping the Migrants Back Home is the ONLY Solution! Giving Refugees and Migrants Citizenship, Benefits and Houses has nothing to do with aid or help and everything to do with World Supremacy

We demand an IMMEDIATE Cessation of Migrants and Refugees into our SOVEREIGN NATIONS and the establishment of secure camps in safe areas near their home countries AND the repatriation of those already smuggled in, to these safe camps.

Anything else is DELIBERATE Genocide and World Supremacy. European Nation States are deliberately being destroyed to build an E.U. SuperState as part of Globalist Supremacy with liberals being used as “useful idiot” cannon fodder.

This amounts to Modern day SLAVERY & Colonisation with Millions of Able Bodied African Men Being Groomed by Human Traffickers / Slave Traders and then Kidnapped Off the African Coast by EU, Italian, Spanish and European Navies, Coastguards & liberal traitorous NGOs!

Collecting SLAVES, who were lured there with promises of free houses and cash benefits, who were towed in new Rubber Dinghies 12 miles off the African Coast by tugboats and then transporting them to Europe, to work (allegedly), is classic blatant Slave Trade & has nothing to do with “rescue”!
Kidnapping an African country’s youth and talent, who should be back home fighting for and building their countries and providing for their families, is classic GENOCIDE!

The perpetrators are being noted and will be tracked down and made to pay…

When the Mass Repatriations Start from Europe, Remember Who Started The Invasion



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