Italy Votes NO to EU Supremacy! Austria sadly falls to Mass Media & Establishment Brainwashing, Blackmail & Fake News

Italy has voted NO to EU Supremacy! Austria however has fallen to Mass Media & Establishment Brainwashing, Blackmail, Fake News and Russo Phobia.

Italy’s PM Renzi has ceded defeat, and plans to resign after a decisive ‘No’ vote in the constitutional referendum.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi says he takes full responsibility for the crashing defeat at the referendum he proposed, which would have reduced the powers of the Senate. Renzi intends to send in his resignation tomorrow.
According to Italy’s Interior Ministry, some 70 percent of Italy’s eligible voters took part in the referendum, after more than two-thirds of polling stations reported their results. An exit poll conducted by the Piepoli Institute/IPR for RAI television estimated that 40.9 percent voted “Yes,” while 59.1 percent voted “No.” RAI projections indicate that voters in only three of Italy’s 20 regions cast ballots to approve the reform, while in 17 regions the proposal was rejected.

Interestingly. the regions in Italy who voted “Yes” (Pro EU), were either partly German-speaking, partly French-speaking or Renzi’s home region.

In German speaking Austria Left-leaning Van der Bellen leads exit polls with centre right Hofer already conceding defeat.

The first official results released shortly after polls closed in Austria indicate that left-leaning candidate Alexander Van der Bellen is winning the re-run presidential election with 53.5 percent of the vote. Right-wing Norbert Hofer has 46.4 percent.
Only 58 percent of total votes has been counted so far, but experts say the current results are unlikely to change.

Hofer, a member of the right-wing Freedom Party (FPO), has already conceded defeat and congratulated his rival on his election victory.

“I congratulate Alexander Van der Bellen on his success and call on all Austrians to stick together and to work together,” he wrote in a Facebook post, in which he also expressed gratitude to his supporters.

“I thank you [for] … your great support and I am endlessly sorry that I did not make it,” he wrote.

Hofer’s campaign manager, Herbert Kickl, also conceded the right-wing candidate’s defeat in light of the preliminary results.

“In this case the establishment – which pitched in once again to block, to stonewall, and to prevent renewal – has won,” he told Austrian broadcaster ORF.

Norbert Hofer focused his election campaign on Austria’s EU membership and immigration and advocated a ban on “economic migrants.” He argued that they allegedly “destroy the social system,” and claimed that Austria had accepted one of the largest numbers of refugees per capita during the ongoing crisis.

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