Dutch Voters ARE Scared! “What use is a good economy if your country becomes an Islamic State?”

ONLY The Netherlands and France have any chance of saving Europe from the Supremacist EU. Other European nations have already been conquered by debt, political correctness and enforced immigration. Ironically if only Greece, Italy and Spain had the backbone to default on the EU and walk out, their citizens would be far better off (as they have strong unofficial economies), without the EU Usurers, but the might of the Establishment media brainwashing, hangs like a false invisible sword of guilt over their bowed heads.

Like Le Pen, Geert Wilders, is a brave voice amongst cowards who are very scared of one word, “racism”, albeit false accusations from the fascist Left. Le Pen and Wilders are standing up to and exposing the traitors handing Holland and France over to Supremacists and Elites for personal gain.

With Europe facing totalitarianism from two fronts, Islam and EU supremacy, the brute force power of mass media brainwashing as devised in the earlier part of last century, especially for this purpose, is on raw, evil display.

In the upcoming Dutch election, Geert Wilders is the only honest politician running. Geert is the only one ready to tackle the problems with migrants. Wilders in Spijkenisse: Nederland moet weer uw land worden! (Netherlands must become your country again).

Geert Wilders

A clear picture is emerging of what Dutch voters are thinking as the make or break election on the 15th draws near.

One voter’s public comments should set your hair on end…

“I think that Wilders is the “least bad” choice. I will vote for him on the 15th.
On many points other political parties are better, but what good is it to have a healthy economy and such if you’ll give it all away to muslims anyway in a few decades?
Sure, there really are good muslims, I also have Syrian refugees as friends, but EVEN THEY say that too many muslims together always causes problems. They used to live in an area that had several different religions and they now live in a town near mine where slowly more Syrian families come, but where still by far the majority is native Dutch.
They would like to live near a bigger city, but not IN a big city, because living between so many muslims would be bad for their children, they said.

Hehe, they tried to convert me to islam a while ago, but I made it clear that with my knowledge of science it’s impossible for me to believe in such old books and especially one that is based on another one and has changed the stories in it.
They respect my point of view and I respect theirs but still I do agree with them: too many muslims in a country spells disaster. Just look at crime statistics in European countries! And also see what happens in the streets when you meet some Moroccan youngsters, for instance.

They also seem to be very proud that parts of Europe that used to be islamic, and also talk very proudly about Asian countries that now are mostly or even completely Islamic. It is clear that even they want Islam to spread all over the world. And many other muslims that I have been discussing with, DO want the Sharia to be the law over the entire planet. Most deny it at first but after a while they show their true colors.
I can’t be entirely sure if my friends also secretly have these opinions and only SAY that too many muslims together is a bad thing, but if they have such ideas, it doesn’t affect our friendship.
One thing that DOES worry me is that I heard the father say “taqiyya” several times to their kids. That word has a meaning (deceit and lie) which is something that does worry me.”



Another Dutch voter echoed what many in the BRexit referendum said, that they had been shouldered aside and castigated for forty years:

“Mr. Wilders is the voice of the Dutch people who were silenced for more than forty years by the verbal and physical violence perpetrated by the leftists and their imported allies. We need some drastic changes here, otherwise the Netherlands as we know it will be forever lost. The perseverance and heroism of Mr. Wilders deserves respect, he is one of the few who can bring the Netherlands on the right track again, so he has my vote on March fifteen.”

Don Deon

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