Canada’s Occupation Government gives away citizenship to more migrants than any other country.

More than the US? Well, that is what The Star (Toronto) is reporting. But, if true, knock yourself out Canada! You will go down faster than Germany or even Sweden!

From The Star:
More refugees became citizens of Canada than any other country last year, with 25,900 granted citizenship, but that represents the vast majority of a relatively tiny number of naturalizations recorded worldwide, the agency reported.
The sobering statistics were contained in the agency’s annual global trends report, released Monday to mark World Refugee Day. Of course if you are unfortunate enough to be white, you don’t count as a refugee…

Canada has consistently been among the lead nations in resettling refugees, with the Liberals’ Syrian program helping raise those numbers in 2015.

Approximately 32,000 refugees were granted citizenship worldwide last year, the agency reported. No other nation came close to Canada’s naturalization totals, though there are many gaps in the data as destination countries do not always distinguish when citizenship is granted to a refugee versus a non-refugee.

This fall, Canada will co-chair a special summit on the refugee crisis in New York.

The traitors (Trudeau and Obama) will hold a little pre-summit at the United Nations in September on refugees. Will Trudeau, with his big Syrian resettlement numbers, put Obama to shame? You can bet this is being timed in hopes of whacking Donald Trump. Watch for it! Hillary will be a featured speaker!

Occupation Government you ask? Well, what would you call a government that does everything it possibly can to destroy a country’s borders, identity, culture, heritage, history, ethnicity and symbols in its attempt to deliver said country into the hands of a larger power to form the North American Socialist Union together with USA, Cuba, Costa Rica and Mexico…


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