Break The Silence of US Gov World Supremacy, or an Obama nuke on China or Russia will!

In its well rehearsed and professional role of the bully pretending to be the victim, going back to before World War 1, the US Gov Establishment (not US citizens), is once again ratcheting up the rhetoric using their subservient obedient mass media “Fake News” platforms.

US Gov has over 400 army bases surrounding China under Obama’s direction. This so called “peace” prize winner, has spent and committed Trillions of dollars to upgrading the nuclear arsenal and Trillions of dollars for war in space. Part of Obama’s new trick is a new smaller nuke, which “makes its use more possible”. Indeed, Obama’s legacy will be one of quietly building up the arsenal to a point where they can start goading China into making the first move. A well known tactic as old as the idea of a One World Order itself. China will then be assimilated into the Global World Order…

Nuclear war is now no longer unthinkable as it may be provoked by a US military build-up in the Pacific, clearly aimed at confronting Beijing, John Pilger says in his new documentary ‘The Coming War on China’, set to be aired on and the RTD channel.
According to the BAFTA-winning journalist and filmmaker, mainstream media reports of Beijing’s ambitious expansion and reclaiming of land in the South China Sea is in fact a response to US military activity around its borders.

US President Barack Obama’s pivot to Asia in 2011 has resulted in the construction of 400 American bases, including in Guam, elsewhere in the South China Sea, South Korea and Japan – thereby encircling China.

Together they form what Pilger called in his film “a noose around China,” which is made of missiles, warships and nuclear weapons.

“The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Barack Obama, has committed trillions of dollars to our nuclear arsenal. He’s committing trillions of future dollars to war in space. And we need an enemy for all this money and China is the perfect enemy,” James Bradley, author of China Mirage, says in the documentary.

The media is playing a key role in promoting this idea as “the threat of China is becoming big news,” Pilger states in ‘The Coming War on China’, adding that what is not reported is that China itself is under threat.

The award winning journalist recently appeared on RT’s Going Underground program, saying how dangerous US attempts to provoke China really are.

“The point about all of this is that, I don’t think anyone wants a nuclear war or even a war between great powers like the US and China. But what’s happening here is that laying of ground, a landscape of potential mistakes and accidents,” Pilger told host Afshin Rattansi.

“So, we’re back to that almost estranged Stranglove world that we were worried about,” he added, referring to Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 movie ‘Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,’ which satirizes the threat of nuclear conflict between the US and Soviet Union.

The documentary contains Pilger’s interview with US Assistant Secretary of State, Daniel R. Russel, who states that the American presence in the pacific is “is warmly welcomed by the vast majority of the coastal states” and “is fully accepted by the Chinese.”

Which, according to Pilger, is far from the truth. “My impression is that they are scared,” he says.

“We stand at a few minutes to midnight in terms of the threat of nuclear war. That aim of this film is to break the silence. A nuclear war is no longer unthinkable,” Pilger said of his documentary.

‘The Coming War on China’ film is to be released Monday December 9

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